Coaching for Safe Innovation and Empowerment Programme

We want to make people feel safe, respected and well supported – to have choice over their lives.”

Ann McCallum, Council Co-Chair

This resource supports leaders, performance coaches and locality managers as they lead and coach their 7,000 colleagues, who work to support people with learning disabilities and autism to have a louder voice, choice and control in their lives.  

Ultimately, voice, choice and control can only be offered to others, if the inside of the organisation reflects the same values, in the way homes and services are led, and employees experience their working lives.  Empowerment WITH safe controls, innovation WITH rigour and risk-management means everyone has to become highly skilled in disciplined coaching.  This programme aims to support this important work.

Programme Resources

  • Dimensions Coaching Workshop (virtual)
    60 minutes
  • Coaching conversations using the ‘iceberg’ model (draft)
    45 minutes
  • Get ready to learn
    20 minutes
  • Learning and change preferences
    40 minutes
  • Know self to lead others
    40 minutes
  • Develop your generative presence to be at your best
    30 minutes
  • Checking in and out to build trust
    25 minutes
  • The gift of skilful listening
    90 minutes
  • Sensing and filtering signals of change
    45 minutes
  • The art of the question
    20 minutes
  • Mastering a broad range of interventions
    60 minutes
  • Understand human needs to build trust
    60 minutes
  • Challenge, support and the ‘drama triangle’
    25 minutes
  • Difficult conversations and feedback
    40 minutes
  • Working positively with resistance
    120 minutes
  • Choosing generative change – why and how do strength-based interventions work?
    60 minutes
  • Appreciative Inquiry – basic guide
    5 minutes
  • Orienting to personal strengths – develop your appreciative eye
    30 minutes
  • Orienting to strengths as a team – develop your collective appreciative eyes
    60 minutes
  • Introducing growth mindset
    45 minutes
  • Growth mindset ‘under fire’ – stress, anxiety and threat
    45 minutes
  • What drives top team performance?
    60 minutes
  • Trust and trust-building
    60 minutes
  • Virtual Peer Support Groups – introduction
    12 minutes
  • Dimensions Coaching ALG Community Space

Our programme includes

2-day Coaching Workshop

An inspiring and pragmatic 2-day workshop to learn, practice with and become confident in the coaching skills.

The contents have been carefully chosen and customised to fit with the specific environment in Dimensions – and the particular orientation to innovation and empowerment which is at the heart of the strategy and vision for the organisation.

Virtual Action Learning Group meetings

Half-day Action Learning Group meetings with a small group of 4-6 colleagues – facilitated by a Lacerta specialist – spread out over the course of the year following the workshop.

These sessions offer the opportunity to bring real issues, stories and experiences into a safe working space – for inquiry, coaching, support and scrutiny.  This amplifies and embeds the use of the tools, techniques and ideas from the workshop.

Conducted entirely on a virtual platform, they enable connection across the UK, with deep, meaningful learning process and minimum cost and inconvenience.

Different types of media in bite-sized chunks

Each lesson will mix videos to watch, with material to read.  Each one is designed to be worked through in less than an hour.

Plus there are downloadable handouts, worksheets and checklists to print and take away, and keep for future reference.

Frequently asked questions

How long can I access these resources?

This pack of resources will be accessible to you for as long as you/your organisation is working with us.

In addition, in each lesson there are also PDFs, tools, products and exercises, that we think you will want to keep - you can download them, or print them.

If you are registered and confirmed as a participant on this programme, then you have free access to this resource.  If you have already asked us to register you on this platform, you should be also enrolled on this package.  If that is the case, you just need to log in to get started.

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