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Human and community formation for flourishing monastic life

The priestly ministry . . . requires certain abilities as well as moral and theological virtues, which are supported by a human and psychic – and particularly affective – equilibrium . . .”  Pastores dabo vobis

“Thus it will be important that all consecrated persons be formed in the freedom to learn throughout life, in every age and season, in every human ambient and context, from every person and every culture open to be taught by any fragment of truth and beauty found around them.

But above all they must learn to be formed by everyday life, by their own community, by their brothers and sisters, by everyday things, ordinary and extraordinary, by prayer and by apostolic fatigue, in joy and in suffering, until the moment of death …”


Our courses

  • All our courses are designed for your communities
  • They bring the best of secular leadership and community development knowledge alongside a deep appreciation for the religious lives you lead
  • They combine video, audio, reading and exercises alongside opportunities for connection, peer-to-peer support groups and personal coaching

The courses available to you

You will notice that some of these have a ‘price-tag’ appearing on them.  Don’t worry!  You are already enrolled on them, and these are being provided at no cost – you can click through and continue working on them without any risk of charge.  🙂

Frequently asked questions

How long can I access a programme or course?

Your programme, course or module will be accessible to you for 1 year from the time you start it.

However in each lesson there are also PDFs, tools, products and exercises, that we think you will want to keep - you can download them, or print them.

You may also have an Alumni version of the programme to be transferred onto at the end of your specific 'cohort' programme.  If this is the case, you will have enduring access to all the materials via this product, for as long as your organisation is running the overall programme.

What if I fall behind and out of step with the programme timing?

All significant learning commitments require some dedication.  This means making conscious choices, and carving out the time to acquire, experiment with, and reflect on what you are exploring.  Sometimes, this is going to clash with other priorities and occasionally it might feel a little overwhelming - even for the most dedicated learner.  If you know that a busy period is coming up, plan for catch-up time in the weeks that follow.

You should plan, right from the start, to allow for between 1 and 3 hours per week (depending on your course intensity and structure) studying and then applying the ideas at work, to keep up.  Some people prefer 'binge-learning' (stacking it up and taking a whole day to sink into the module, but do it less regularly) and others like to do one or two hours each week.  Whatever your style is, we recommend that you book the time in your diary, and protect it when it comes under pressure.

Our client customised programmes usually mean you are following a routine - with new modules 'starting' at a given time, within a given cohort group.  This might tie in with Peer Support Group meetings, or workshops or webinars.  If this is the case for your programme, an important aspect is that you are not alone - but in a community of learners in your organisation.  The timings of 'live' experiences or group meetings are rarely changed once the programme starts, as this would impact negatively on your colleagues and co-learners.  Keeping up with others, so that you share your learning and benefit from their experience, is important.

If you have concerns about whether you will be able to do this, and if you fall behind at any time, just reach out to us and we will try to help.

Can I commission custom courses for my organisation?

Many of our programmes (like these for your organisation) have been originally developed especially for a client.  It is our clients around the world that 'pull' new content and commission what we go on to build, to meet their needs at any given time.

If you would like to either curate a custom programme from our existing stock, or you have an area of new content that you would like us to look at, just contact us and we can help.

What if I'm not satisfied with my course?

Our courses and materials are getting great feedback from users inside your organisation - but of course it might not suit exactly what you are looking for.

If you have any concerns or feedback, or you think you have been enrolled on the wrong course for you - please speak to us, or to your Learning Co-ordinator/HR person (whoever you would normally arrange these things with inside your company).