Building an ‘antifragile’ organisation, using Permaculture principles

We ‘organise’ in order to build value.  However, some of our most taken-for-granted business models are being shown as fundamentally unsustainable, and fragile.

Can we make better businesses, which yield more (and more diverse) value, which are inherently resilient and sustainable, because they are designed on the antifragile principles we find in natural ecosystems?

This short course offers some thoughts about how we can form, design and lead our organisations, communities and other human social structures, from the frame of permaculture and sustainability – for greater resilience, innovation and adaptivity.

Your resources

  • Antifragile and ecosystem thinking part 1 – Exeter MBA
    30 minutes
  • Antifragile and ecosystem thinking part 2 – Exeter MBA
    60 minutes
  • Being part of, not on, my land
    80 minutes
  • Principles of permaculture – Exeter MBA
    120 minutes
  • Applied permaculture ideas – Exeter MBA
    60 minutes
  • LRO – Permaculture Observation Skills Exercise
    File Upload
  • LRO – Basic strengths and needs exercise (part 1 – pre-work before fieldtrip)
    Text Based
  • LRO – Strengths, offers and needs exercise (part 2 – completed after fieldtrip)
    File Upload

Frequently asked questions

How long can I access these resources?

This pack of resources will be accessible to you for as long as you/your organisation is working with us.

In addition, in each lesson there are also PDFs, tools, products and exercises, that we think you will want to keep - you can download them, or print them.

If you are registered and confirmed as a participant on this programme, then you are also already enrolled and can get started.

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