Facilitation Development Programme – Module 5 Facilitation modes, presence and authority

This module helps you explore some of the key intervention styles and skills most commonly used when facilitating, coaching and enabling others. 

It also introduces you to the basics of power, authority and presence.

What to expect?


This is the fifth module within your Facilitation Programme.  It should only take you around a week to complete.

Don’t worry if you don’t complete it all before your workshop – we will return to all these ideas in a very practical and experiential way in the meeting itself.   It may take a little longer to get your feedback from others.  If you do have some feedback, bring it along with your own self-score, to the workshop or webinar that is due very soon.


Programme contents

  • EBC Ott – Fac Modes, Presence and Authority Contents
    5 minutes
  • Proposed changes to remaining dates and speed on EBC programme
    2 minutes
  • Mastering a broad range of interventions
    60 minutes
  • An introduction to presence, authority and status dynamics (draft)
    20 minutes
  • Facilitation Modes Assignment
    Text Based
  • EBC Ott discussion space

This programme offers

Work through it in your own way - binge or nibble?

Some people like to 'binge learn', meaning that they allocate a whole day, and sink into a thorough immersion in a whole module.  Others prefer to work through a single lesson at a time, with gaps to let one idea sink in before going to another.  Whatever your preference is, you are advised to book time in your diary, to ensure it happens regularly and you can keep up with the programme.

Different types of media to suit all needs

Each lesson will mix videos to watch, with material to read.

Plus there are downloadable handouts, worksheets, templates and checklists to print and take away, and keep for future reference.

Help always at hand

This programme has an external Programme Manager Julie, as well as your coaches Caryn and Bruno who have lots of experience working with your communities.  You can reach them quickly and easily - by email or by the message function in your Dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I get stuck?

Always reach out to us - don't sit and suffer!  You can simply email us at academy@lacertaconsulting.co.uk.  Immediately Caryn or Julie will receive your email.

Alternatively, if you are still logged in and able to use the site, if you go to your Dashboard, you will see you can raise a message to us there or you can hit the button below.

How long can I access a module or individual lessons?

Your modules will be accessible to you for 1 year from the time you start them.

However in each lesson there are also PDFs, tools, products and exercises, that we think you will want to keep - you can download them, or print them.

What if I fall behind and out of step with others?

All significant learning commitments require some dedication.  This means making conscious choices, and carving out the time to acquire, experiment with, and reflect on what you are exploring.  Sometimes, this is going to clash with other priorities and occasionally it might feel a little overwhelming - even for the most dedicated learner.  If you know that a busy period is coming up, plan for catch-up time in the weeks that follow.

If you have concerns about whether you will be able to do this, and if you fall behind at any time, just reach out to us and we will try to help.

Can I get direct help for me in my Monastery?

We know that you might be going through a lot of change, and it isn't easy for anyone.

If you feel your community needs extra support, then speak either directly to your Abbot President, or to the Continuing Formation Commission - who will liaise with us to see what we can do.

Now you need to get logged in - and that will load your Dashboard and give you access to this course.