Leading Resilient Organisations – Exeter MBA Alumni

Now more than ever, we need to revisit our models of organisation.

Without a rethink, we run the risk of losing some of our greatest organisations and losing the race to solve major problems like climate change, social injustice and our resilience in the face of sudden shocks like the Covid pandemic.

Designing and leading organisations that can ‘bounce-forward’ from shock, and are eco-centric (rather than ego-centric) requires a deep shift of mindset.

The objective of this course is to use ideas from antifragility, ‘permaculture’, biomimicry, and adaptive improvisation to stimulate this shift in mindset, and develop skills and confidence to lead for in-built change capacity and sustainability.

Participants will be immersing themselves in the agro-forestry example of permaculture at Dartington as well as using the resources on this e-learning platform.  We will also have webinars and live-streamed classroom activities.  Participants will learn how they might create more generative, accountable and ethical business and social practices, and enable more innovation and flourishing (with reduced cost and intervention) as a result.

Your resource package

This resource package is available for all LRO Alumni members, and contains the latest versions of lessons and materials you will have accessed as part of your original course.

There are no taught elements relating to this package, as it is for enduring product access, and the teaching elements of the programme were already delivered in the year you took the MBA.

Different types of media

Each lesson will mix videos to watch, with material to read – which extends the learning you experienced in your workshops and webinars.

There are also downloadable handouts, worksheets, exercises and checklists to print and take away, and keep for future reference, as well as a range of academic references and deeper dive material that you can continue to dip into.

Your resources

  • Antifragile and ecosystem thinking part 1 – Exeter MBA
    30 minutes
  • Antifragile and ecosystem thinking part 2 – Exeter MBA
    60 minutes
  • Being part of, not on, my land
    80 minutes
  • Principles of permaculture – Exeter MBA
    120 minutes
  • Applied permaculture ideas – Exeter MBA
    60 minutes
  • LRO – Permaculture Observation Skills Exercise
    File Upload
  • LRO – Basic strengths and needs exercise (part 1 – pre-work before fieldtrip)
    Text Based
  • LRO – Strengths, offers and needs exercise (part 2 – completed after fieldtrip)
    File Upload
  • Adaptive and dialogic leadership – developing your improvisation skills
    120 minutes
  • Introducing growth mindset
    45 minutes
  • Growth mindset ‘under fire’ – stress, anxiety and threat
    45 minutes
  • VL – What changes when we lead ‘virtually’?
    20 minutes
  • VL – Learn from 2020/21 – Why you need to mitigate risks of burnout and lost productivity/connection
    120 minutes
  • Restore your sense of autonomy and control – practices to build choice and impact in the ‘new normal’
    90 minutes
  • VL – The future of work – leading the hybrid workforce (draft)
    20 minutes

Frequently asked questions

How long can I access these resources?

This pack of resources will be accessible to you for as long as you/your organisation is working with us.

In addition, in each lesson there are also PDFs, tools, products and exercises, that we think you will want to keep - you can download them, or print them.

If you are registered and confirmed as a participant on this programme, then you are also already enrolled and can get started.

Click on the MENU button, and then follow through to your Dashboard.  You can launch your course from there.